Positioned at the core of our services is content. Whether writing press releases, creating web content, devising social media strategies or brainstorming new gaming apps.


Whether creating a strong brand image or understanding how to effectively optimise your UI and UX, the design of your company’s image and assets.


Whether programming a bespoke website designed specifically with your clients in mind, or simply ensuring that your company’s news and information can be found by your target audience.


Ensuring your brand image, content and interaction is working to best of its ability can be an overwhelming experience. At Salperton we believe in providing only what is necessary to achieve your goals.




Established in Turin, Italy in 1930, Pininfarina is responsible for some of the most beautifully designed man made creations of 20th century. Probably best known for its awe inspiring design work on behalf of marques such as Ferrari, Maserati and Rolls Royce, today Pininfarina has diversified into a highly diverse range of designs that include skyscrapers, yachts, watches and furniture.

Working with Salperton since 2015, we provide media support to help promote the company’s newly diversified capabilities across the UAE and to support various product and project-based launches.


Following Doka’s clear strategy of providing the highest standards of products and services, Salperton has assisted in keeping its target audience up to date about its latest products through both editorial content in the form of press releases and newsletters, while our social media management (LinkedIn) provides useful industry insights and direct updates about Doka’s regional performance.

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Approached in 2014, Salperton was commissioned to create a 96 page bilingual magazine (Arabic and English) from scratch for distribution to the club’s members and through the national press.

Having researched both relevant topics, we started by creating a flatplan which was agreed with the club’s executive management.

Once satisfied with the topics, we started both the design and editorial content create simultaneously in order to save time, which once completed was again shared with the club’s management. Once all aspects were confirmed and finalised, we handed the finished product to the club for distribution.


Supporting the company’s digital presence, Salperton worked closely with Majid Entertainment’s various campaigns, in particular the launch of its highly successful social media channels in 2015 which brought the hugely popular characters of the eponymous comic online for the first time.


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